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About oddstree….

The oddstree website is for all those who respect the independent existence of women. While this website is a lesson for those who believe that women who are moving forward by denying conservative ideology, this is a revolution for the progressive class. If a woman comes out of the house alone to demand her own rights, to flag her own success at the peak of self-sufficiency, to measure the length of the roads, to take the sea to the sea or to touch the heights of the sky, then the audition of all those women Will always play his bugle in honor.
The oddstree knows that if some people in the society have launched a campaign of atrocities on him, then hundreds of hands have also contributed to his cooperation and respect. Will always be ready.

oddstree looks like a superwoman adjusting to the fabric of the family along with the family. She smiles and transforms her house into a smart kitchen, a simple house into a smart kitchen. It is this audible woman who is teaching her children the right definition of living, learning something new every day.