2 Best Ayurvedic masala tea recipe for weight loss and Beauty

Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe for weight loss and peaceful mind-Tea is an integral part of our daily routine. We start the morning with tea. How to make a good Ayurvedic masala tea ayurvedic masala chai recipe. We are going to tell you its recipe today.

But before that, let us know the spicy history of tea

History of Tea in India

Tea originates from 750 BC. Tea in India is grown in the Nilgiris hills in the north-eastern part. And the biggest tea producer in the whole world is India

History of Tea in India
Tea Garden
Thousands of years ago today, Buddhist monks used tea as a medicine. When Buddhist monks used to sit in a posture of meditation, they used to eat some leaves to protect themselves from sleep. It was tea leaves. These leaves kept him revived and enabled him to stay awake. Now, whenever they used to sleep they used to consume tea. so likewise Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe is originated. In this way, he completed his penance of 7 years. In this way, tea started becoming prevalent in India and ordinary people also started consuming it. The East India Company later started its production in India and in the 19th century, the first tea garden in Assam was also planted by the British East India Company.

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Best Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe

We are sharing with you the best ayurvedic chai recipe of Ayurvedic Masala Tea i.e. Masala Tea. This recipe is very easy and is going to be very good for your immunity.

So for this Ayurvedic tea-making method, all we need is nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, black pepper and bay leaves. You cut the ginger into small pieces, after that, crush them or put them in the mixer and you have to grind them.

After that, you have to add cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom long inside it and take a code. This masala is ready for your bun.

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How to make Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe

Now you have to heat water in a pan. Inside it you have to crush and add a lot of basil leaves and add this spice. When it is cooked well, it is necessary to cook a little celery and cumin seeds.

Here we will use honey instead of sugar. Honey is very good for our health. It makes our skin very much balsamic. Honey is also very good for our immunity. so I think you will like the Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe.

How to make Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe
Ayurvedic masala tea

So with this masala tea, you can start your day. And this tea will not be harmful to your health at all. If you want to increase the taste, then you can add two to four drops of lemon.

You will find this tea very tasty to drink. Also will boost your immunity. The run of today’s times will help to keep you safe from running routines.

It is a completely Ayurvedic masala Tea recipe. It has no side effects or disadvantages.

If you know the best ayurvedic chai recipe of other tea which is Ayurvedic and completely safe. If you boost immunity, then you must share that recipe in the comments.

Gujarati masala tea recipe

To make the best Gujrati tea masala, grind dry ginger, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, green cardamom, and all these ingredients in a grinder. Take the spice of your passing tea. Whenever you want to make tea, add this spice when you make tea. And enjoy a great cup of tea.

so I was told two recipes of tea 1st is the Ayurvedic masala tea recipe and 2nd is the Gujarati masala tea recipe. Which recipe you like most please tell me in a comment, and if you have any doubt or suggestion then also leave a comment.

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