6 Benefits of guava leaves that will enhance your health and beauty

Who does not like to eat guava? Guava is a superfood that is rich in calcium and antioxidant. This fruit has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. But today we are not talking about the benefits of guava but rather the benefits of guava leaves.

If you have learned to consume guava leaves properly then you can avoid diseases like cold, cough, viral infection, and dengue.

Do you know that guava is such a tree, which is useful for everything? Whether it is the fruit of guava or leaves or bark of a tree. The benefits of guava trees and the medicinal properties of guava are many.

By the way, there are both advantages and disadvantages to eating guava, because if it is consumed in the wrong way then you can also get a cold. But let’s know how we can take advantage of guava leaves.

Easy way to make guava leaves decoction

The decoction of guava leaves is excellent Ayurvedic medicine. It is also very easy to make and a decoction of guava leaves can also prevent diseases like cough, cold, viral infection, and dengue.

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How to make guava leaves decoction

To make the decoction, pour 2 glasses of water into a pan. Now wash 4-5 guava leaves in the pan. Boil it on low heat till the water is reduced to half. Turn off the gas after its half, and let it cool. Sieve once before drinking. Take a decoction of guava leaves.

Mouthwash of guava leaves is beneficial for gums and teeth

The benefits of guava leaves are of immense benefit to oral health. If you are suffering from gum pain, then a guava leaf is the best domestic recipe for gum pain. First of all, grind the leaves of guava and add rock salt to it. Now add 2 cloves to it. Put it in a pan, add water to it and boil it till it is halved.

Grind this mouthwash made with guava leaves. This will get rid of your gums pain problem immediately. A mouthwash of guava leaves will also remove the odor of your mouth.

Benefits of guava leaves that will enhance your health and beauty
Benefits of guava leaves that will enhance your health and beauty

Benefits of guava leaves for mouth ulcers

If you have a sore mouth, then guava leaves can be useful for you. Chew 3-4 fresh leaves of guava and chew it 2-3 times a day, it will remove the problem of mouth ulcers.

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Benefits of guava tree for stomach

Guava is a superfood that has a lot of name in Ayurveda, but not only guava, not only guava leaves, but the bark of the guava tree also has many benefits.

Guava Bark is very beneficial in diarrhea. For this, put guava leaves and bark of guava tree in a pan, add 1 pinch of dry ginger to it and boil it well and make a decoction. This decoction provides relief in all stomach and liver diseases. Even in the problem of digestion, the decoction of guava is very beneficial.

Benefits of Guava leaves tea

The benefits of Guava leaves are many for health as well as for beauty, Guava leaves are very useful. Tea or juice of guava leaves is very beneficial for making skin and hair beautiful and healthy.

Blood pressure is controlled by the consumption of guava leaves. Cholesterol leaves, cholesterol in the blood, lipids in the blood are controlled.

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Know what are the benefits of guava leaves

Consuming guava leaves helps in weight loss. These reduce carbohydrate levels. Guava leaves are also beneficial in diarrhea or dysentery.

Guava leaves for diarrhea

For this, put 50 grams of guava leaves in a pan and boil 1 handful of rice flour and water. Drink these medicines twice a day.

6 Benefits of guava leaves that will enhance your health and beauty

Guava leaf home remedies

If there is a problem of dysentery, take the leaves of guava and roots of guava in equal quantity and boil it well. Drinking this water and drinking it in the morning will be beneficial. Guava leaves increase digestive enzymes, thus improving the digestive system.

Guava leaf Tea

In Japan, there was research on tea made from guava leaves, according to which tea made from guava leaves contains some ingredients that reduce the sugar level in diabetics. Whereby sugar is controlled.
Consumption of tea made from guava leaves lowers cholesterol and lipid levels. Through which blood pressure is controlled.

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