Benefits of herbal tea and 8 easy herbal Tea Recipe

Do you know the Ayurvedic benefits of Herbal tea? lots of peoples like to drink tea but they don’t know what is the benefits of herbal tea. So today you know everything, that is connected With your tea and drinking it. So let’s know why there are so many benefits of drinking herbal tea? And before making a good tea, know how many types of tea are there.

Do you know -How to make tea that can fill your health with freshness. herbal tea ingredients, recipe and benefits

Types of Tea

Broadly divide it into two parts.

  • Processed Tea – Cut Tear and Curl
  • Green Tea – Non Processed

Home or restaurant, hotel or tea kiosk, or nook. We mostly get processed tea everywhere. Anti-oxidants are all abundant in green tea. Due to drinking it without milk sugar, it has negligible calories.

Now let’s talk about herbal tea. Which type of tea is this?

What is herbal tea
Benefits of herbal tea

What is herbal tea

As the name suggests. It is a tea made from herbs that are very beneficial for health. It is made by mixing herbs. Due to this, it becomes full of taste and health. Knowing so many benefits of drinking herbal tea, I will be getting this from you too.

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Today’s highest trending tea (which is in trend)

  • Stress-relieving tea
  • Rejuvenating tea
  • Slimming tea
  • Ice tea

Tea contains the highest amount of caffeine as well as three because it gives the body a feeling of agility. Amino-acid in tea makes the mind alert and calm.

Properties/benefits herbal of tea

  • benefits of herbal tea are helpful in avoiding old age
  • The anti-aging properties present in tea can slow down aging. Also, fluoride makes bones strong.
  • The benefits of herbal tea in physical disease
  • Tea can control bad cholesterol along with the prevention of cancer, high cholesterol, allergies, liver, heart diseases, and arthritis (arthritis).

Black/green tea disadvantages

Having so many benefits of herbal tea has some disadvantages as well. As you know, everything is bad. Then even if it is nectar.

High intake of tea is a loss of acidity, a decrease in the ability to observe iron, dryness, yellowing of teeth, difficulty in digestion, problems of sleepiness or addiction to tea, etc.

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Milk tea disadvantages

Also if you drink milk by adding milk to it. So the properties of tea also disappear. And due to having sugar, the amount of calcium in the body also starts decreasing. So making tea with milk and sugar is not right. So the question comes how to make a perfect tea. So today we are going to tell you the right way to make tea.

What is the right way to make tea?

To make tea you have to boil fresh water. When the tea water first boils. Take care to boil water for only 1/2 minute. Now add tea leaves in a cup. And pour all the water into the cup and leave the pot covered.
Sieve it after 5 minutes and enjoy it with your favorite flavor.

Caution! What is the right way to make tea?

Tea leaf should never be boiled, its benefits will be lost by boiling. so if you want to take all benefits of herbal tea then don’t overboil it.

How much tea to drink a day?

If you are making tea with the above method, as well as use herbs of your choice, then you can also drink 5 -6 cups of it.
Take only 8 cups of tea. Which your body can only get 45% of Magnesium in 5 -6 cups.

How much magnesium does a human need every day

We require 2 -5 mg of magnesium daily. Pregnant women should not take more than 5 cups of tea daily.

How and when to drink tea

benefits of herbal tea (decoction)
benefits of herbal tea (decoction)

you can drink tea any time but if you take the benefits of herbal tea then drink it morning or evening. if you want the easiest and best recipe then Tea with honey and lemon is very good

What is herbal tea

This tea is different from traditional tea. Which is completely Indian. Different types of fresh flowers, seeds, roots, and dried medicines are added to it. there are lots of benefits of herbal tea in Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda experts say that herbal tea is rich in anti-oxidants and cholesterol. Which is good enough for the heart. Eth-theanine, which is in green tea, helps in boosting your immunity and also to slim down.

Talking about the Ayurvedic term, the term decoction is used, not tea

benefits of herbal tea (decoction)

Herbal tea i.e. Ayurvedic decoction is a panacea for cold, sinus, joint pain, body coldness, digestion, headache, constipation, obesity, stress, etc.

Herbal Tea Recipe

  1. Chamomile Tea – Tea made from blossom flower is called chamomile tea. These flowers were cultivated by the Egyptians in ancient times.

How to make chamomile tea

Boil blossoms in 100 ml water and cool them and consume them.

Benefits of drinking chamomile tea

 chamomile tea
chamomile tea

It is beneficial for irregular menstruation, gas, muscle cramps, kidney and insomnia.

2 . Crythesim Tea (Guladdavadi) – Queen of Taste and Aroma This tea is found in plenty of Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A. This tea is very good for immunity.

Benefits of drinking crythesim tea

Dermatitis, Eye Dry Ness, cold cough, colds, phlegm, fever,

It is beneficial in the beginning and cools the body.

3. Jasmine Tea – This jasmine tea is the most popular tea for women.

Benefits of drinking Jasmine Tea

Regulates the effects of increasing age. Anti-oxidants and free radicals from the protective layer of the skin. High blood pressure and can help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

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Desi Herbal Tea

The most popular tea, that is, brew, ginger, fennel, basil leaf, cinnamon covered in equal amount of water, this tea is very popular.

Benefits of drinking herbal tea

Beneficial in cold, cold, cough, fever, indigestion, headache, acidity, etc.

5 jaggery tea – Boil jaggery flowers in water and drink it with lemon.

Benefits of drinking jaggery tea

This tea eliminates bad cholesterol. High blood pressure and the risk of cancer.

Similarly, Pipement T, dandelion T, dandelion T, white T-jo are made from plants of Camellia sinensis. Anti-aging is quite popular because of the formula.

  1. Cannabis (cannabis) tea – It is not generally made, it can be used to relieve problems like chronic pain, stomach cramps.
  2. Star Anise Tea – is very beneficial for constipation, vomiting, and acidity.
  3. Rose Tea - Can make for a facial glow.

Herbal tea side effects

  • Breastfeeding women and at the time of conception should not drink hemp tea or white tea.
  • Herbal tea can work with weight gain.
  • Herbal tea can be taken as a support, but it should not be completely dependent on weight control.

Hope you like the article benefits of herbal tea and 8 easy herbal Tea Recipe. if you have any doubt or suggestion then please leave a comment.

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