Quick sweets recipes for sweets lover in the fast-moving life

Quick sweets recipes– Everyone likes sweets very much but, people often believe that it is very difficult to make them. And it also takes a lot of time. Also, so if you want to learn a quick sweets recipe, you are in right place.

If you also believe in this mindset, then today I will tell you step by step about delicious desserts / instant sweet recipes i.e. some quick sweets recipe in this article which is very easy recipes.

In the time of fast-moving life, the word instant has created such a place. Food should be instant in life. Then whether it is gajar ka halwa or gulab jamun, rice pudding, or rice kheer all these things are searched for instant recipes.

Indian Quick sweets recipes

In such a situation, who has time for the Indian sweets recipe which is made with great patience and perseverance. But without sweet everything in Indian cuisine is considered incomplete. Also, what to say if it is homemade & melt in your mouth.

So if you make Indian sweets/dessert recipes that are also homemade and also made instant, then what to say. So this time whenever the heart is a festival, whether it is some sweet food festival or come to the house of a guest. Making gram flour dumplings for dinner at cottage cheese or breakfast.

But if it is a matter of sweets, then you go with quick sweets recipes.

I am also sharing the video tutorial of whatever instant sweets recipes (instant dessert recipe) will be made with you so that you can be easier to understand.

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Quick bread sweets recipes (instant sweets made from bread)

Quick sweets recipes for sweets lover in the fast-moving life
Bread peda

Many instant sweet recipes can be tried with bread. Today oddstree is going to tell you of instant bread sweets (Quick sweets recipes) made with some such bread for which you will need some ingredients, so let’s note. First, we will learn to make instant peda.

Ingredient for quick sweets recipes

4-5 side sliced ​​bread slices.

1 Tbsp of Skimmed milk

1/4 cup fresh milk.

1/2 cup coconut powder/milk powder

1 teaspoon ground sugar.

cardamom powder

Instant Peda Recipe

The first thing to do is to break the edge-cut bread with the help of hands. Now add a little fresh milk and knead. If you want, add powdered sugar with saffron and cardamom. And knead again.

When the dough becomes soft, add condensed milk to it. Then add coconut or milk powder (milk powder) according to your wish. And make a soft interlock.

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Keep in mind that kernels should not be formed. Now cut the tablets in equal quantity with this flour. Then with the help of a hand shape the peda And cut an almond or dry fruit of your choice in the middle by cutting half in the middle. Your instant bread peda is ready.

Similarly, you can prepare many types of instant quick sweets recipes with this flour. You can prepare sweets in different shapes by showing your creativity.

For example – In the link below the video oddstree has prepared her sweet in the shape of apple

Oddstree hopes you like these quick sweets recipes. And you will definitely try them in this festive season. If you like these sweets. Or there has been some problem in making them. Or you can leave feedback in the comment box for any suggestions.

And yes, if you like sweets, you can also write 2 words of praise. oddstree welcomes your thoughts.

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